Banana Cupcakes & Cinnamon and Oat Topped Banana Cupcakes

21 Aug

500 Cupcakes features several cupcakes recipes per chapter and then gives “variations” on the main cupcakes at the end to achieve the 500 number. It seemed like a waste to only make one cupcake so I made the Banana cupcake and the cinnamon and oat topped variation.


butter (I used Earth Balance)

super fine suger






cream cheese

confectioners sugar

lemon juice

vanilla extract






The Process

This is a pretty easy recipe, you mix everything up and throw it into cupcake tins. The frostings were also really easy. While the cream cheese frosting really needs a hand mixer the oat topping was able to be mixed by hand.

The Results

While it did look like the photo, the taste was disappointing. The cupcake was really heavy and I prefer the banana bread I usually make which is much lighter. I was also really unimpressed by the pairing with cream cheese frosting. This seemed odd and indeed it tasted odd. We took the rest of the frosting and ate it with strawberries instead for a better treat The crumb topping was a better choice, but a little oily.




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