Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala is a classic dish that I’ve enjoyed on many occasions, so I was glad to see it represented in Saveurs selection. However, I had actually never tried making it before. This was recipe the impetus I needed to pick up a pan and dive in. This version is surprisingly low labor, uses only a few ingredients and seemed very simple. I suppose that’s why they call it a classic. The recipe can be found here.


chicken cutlets, salt and pepper, flour, olive oil, butter, button mushrooms, shallots, garlic, Marsala wine, chicken stock

Substitutions: I used Earth Balance instead of the butter and onions instead of the shallots.

The Process

Dredging and browning the chicken is a quick process, but it works best when you keep one “wet hand” to handle the chicken and one “dry hand” to handle the pan, oil and utensils. As usual, I needed a little more oil than the recipe called for. I then browned the mushrooms, which always takes a fair amount of time, and plated them atop the chicken. Finally the sauce step involved browning the onions and garlic, adding some flour and wine and letting it thicken. I had to scrape a little to keep the flour from sticking to the pan but otherwise was very satisfied. returning everything to the pan for a good coating meant having a large enough pan was imperative unless you like having a stuff spill onto you oven. Luckily I had a large enough pan.

The Results

This has got to be one of the moistest, most flavorful chickens I have ever made in a pan. You do need to like the Marsala flavor of course, but I found it blended very well with the chicken and mushrooms. The one difference between the photograph accompanying the recipe and my results were that I was expecting more sauce than the recipe produced. However, as mentioned, the chicken was still very moist and I did not mind. For thinner slices than I obtained you can consider pounding your chicken cutlets with a meat tenderizer

Chicken Marsala Recipe from Saveur

Chicken Marsala Recipe from Saveur

before starting.


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