Whiskey Sweet Potatoes

I have one child that likes white potatoes and one child that likes sweet potatoes.

However EVERYONE likes candied sweet potatoes. There are many variations on this theme including several that use different types of alcohol. This recipe for Whiskey Sweet Potatoes from Starters & Sides Made Easy looked like a fun variation on the theme and not too difficult in terms of prep and clean up.

Ingredients: sweet potatoes, salt, pepper, brown sugar, whiskey, honey, oil

Substitutions: None

The process: First the sweet potatoes are baked at 425 F for 20 minutes. Then I removed them from the oven and sliced them in half. The brown sugar, whiskey, honey and oil are all melted into a pot.  It takes only 2 minutes for the sugar to dissolve so don’t start too early – you’ll just burn off all the liquid waiting. I then used a silicone pastry brush to brush the mixture over the cut sweet potatoes and seasoned them with s alt and pepper. The sweet potatoes are then returned for an additional 20 minutes of oven time.

The Results: Delicious, if a bit messy for kids to eat. This was fast and tasty. The only hitch is that you must put the saucepan in water immediately after using the sauce otherwise the leftovers will form a sticky coat on the pan and become impossible to clean.


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