Mustard Roasted Potatoes With Lemon Oregano Dressing

Potatoes are a standard side dish in this house. They can be stored for a few weeks so you always have some on hand, and they are filling. Sure they’re starchy but they don’t have to be sugary or overly sweetened like many other vegetable side dishes. My standard potato recipe is quick and easy – boil, then bake with diced onion. But after making it for so many weeks in a row, it was getting pretty old. This recipe seemed fairly easy and like most other recipes in Hip Kosher, it combines some interesting flavors.

There was just one snag – when making this recipe we discovered my daughter is allergic to mustard, especially the fancy, delicious dijon type that has whole mustard seed in it. So no potatoes for the little one.


Dijon mustard, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, garlic cloves, oregano, salt, pepper, small waxy potatoes

The Process:

You start by preheating the oven and then cubing and peeling the potatoes. The cubes get laid out on a baking sheet lined with foil. The remaining ingredients are then mixed together and poured over the potatoes.  The whole shebang goes into the oven and bakes.

The Results:

This recipe is definitely easy. You have all the ingredients all ready in the house and can whip this up in minutes and have it in the oven. It also tastes great. The recipe is very foolproof and while I could not eat it every week it makes a great addition to the potato-side-dish lineup. I highly recommend it (unless of course your daughter is allergic to mustard and you hate to have to cook twice).

dijon roasted potato