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108 cookbooks

I love recipes and I can’t help but collect them in all their forms: cookbooks, pamphlets, recipe cards, cooking magazines. What I hate is a recipe that sounds delicious but utterly flops when you try to prepare it in your home. I hate when my results are nothing like the glamorous photo printed in the cookbook. To me, a good recipe is one that comes out as expected, every time, without an industrial grade kitchen. This blog is my attempt to save us all from the frustration of recipes that just don’t work.

I’m selecting 108 cookbooks. I’ll be cooking and documenting each recipe in those cookbooks. However, I do keep kosher and I’ve got a child with food allergies so be prepared for some creative substitutions as I am not limiting myself to kosher cookbooks. I’d also love to hear your results with any given recipe in the comments section.

Want to suggest a cookbook or ask that a recipe from a specific cookbook on the list be tried out quickly? E-mail me! mb.eichenbaum@gmail.com

Want to help out? Send me a cookbook or cooking device from my wishlist! or sign up for swagbucks using my code or shop on Amazon after clicking my link.


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