The Bais Yaakov Cookbook


grilled beef rolls with scallion dipping sauce

chicken wellington with mushroom sauce

pastrami over rice

beef bundles with sweet tomato sauce

chicken egg rolls

crumb coated sea bass skewers

meat cigars

chicken kebabs

salmon in avocado

tri colored drinks

steak on a stick

tomato dip



tomato eggplant dip


roasted garlic zucchini soup

butternut squash soup with red bell peppers

potato duo soup

split pea vegetable soup

mushroom soup

hearty vegetable soup

tomato basil soup

chicken barley soup

cream of broccoli soup

cream of cauliflower soup

lentil soup

shiitake beef and barley soup

tomato meat cabbage soup

yemenite soup

french onion soup

leek soup

french rice soup

chilled strawberry soup with walnut crunch


pastrami salad with creamy garlic dressing

pesto chicken salad

red wine poached duck salad

honey ginger grilled london broil salad

tabbouleh salad

chicken salad with garlic dressing

citrus salad with poppy seed dressing

garlic basil angel hair pasta

glazed portobello mushrooms and spinach salad

avocado and hearts of palm with lemon mustard vinaigrette

tangy red cabbage salad

green bean mango salad

roasted vegetables and pastrami salad

flat bread salad

euro salad with roasted garlic dressing

champagne apple salad

mediterranean chickpea salad

caesar salad

carrot salad

cucumber salad with a twist

corn salad

tri-colored tomato salad

greek salad

dill dressing

garlic dressing parsley dressing


peppercorn roast

corned beef with three glazed

honey garlic delmonico roast

rib eye steak with mushroom sauce

rolled brisket with spinach stuffing

london broil

freestanding rib roast

minute roast

skirt steak with chimichurri sauce

beef and broccoli stir-fry

stuffed cabbage

meat stuffed manicotti

beer stew

sweet and sour meatballs

lamb chops

veal pocket with spinach stuffing

pepper steak

texas chili

spare ribs

veal cutlets with bell pepper duo

tongue polonaise


sticky chicken drumsticks

baked chicken with tomato brown sugar glaze

quick cranberry chicken

grilled chicken three ways

quick teriyaki chicken stir-fry

light chicken and mushroom marsala

crunchy pecan chicken cutlets

beer battered chicken fingers

chicken shish kebabs

chicken nuggets with lemon sauce

vegetable & cranberry stuffed chicken capons

fire poppers

baked chicken nuggets

duck l’orange

cornish hen

Friday night garlic chicken

sweet and sour turkey roast

pastrami chicken roll ups

braised chicken with herbs and shallots

baked crumble chicken

chicken wrap


balsamic glazed tuna

Ahi with Mango Puree and guacamole

balsamic marinated flounder

herbed halibut

rainbow trout with mustard sauce and roasted potatoes

herbed tilapia in lemon sauce

hot gefilte fish with tomato sauce and bell peppers

honey mustard red snapper

sweet and tangy salmon

salmon trio

breaded garlic salmon

salmon in pink cream sauce

blackened salmon

salmon and vegetable braid

sweet and sour poached salmon

roasted salmon with cucumber dill sauce

herbed salmon with spicy brown mustard sauce

honey mustard salmon

maple glazed salmon


deep dish spinach pizza

pesto portobello pizza

penne a la vodka

tortellini in cream sauce

cheese stuffed shells

no-fry eggplant parmesan

cheese tartlets

potato crepe with mozzarella cheese sauce


dairy pound cake


caramel french toast

cherry topped cheesecake

layered turtle cheesecake

baby cheese babka

chocolate cheese muffins

café latte milkshake

chocolate caramel cookies


crusty garlic and rosemary potatoes

crispy potato roast

overnight kugel in a crock

pastrami orzo

orzo and spinach stuffed tomatoes

mini vegetable wonton flowers

honey rice

vegetable lo mein

green bean and pastrami roll ups

roasted cauliflower

apple strawberry crisp

roasted vegetables with almonds and lemon zest

cranberry pear crisp

mushroom letcho

roasted brussels sprouts

carrot souffle

stuffed mushrooms

zucchini kugel

2 tone yerushalmi kugel

apple buns

spicy green beans

green beans with pine nuts

grilled vegetable tower

balsamic roasted broccoli

sesame broccoli

pita chips and scallion dip


garlic knots

mini porcupine bread

whole wheat rolls

onion rolls


pralines and cream semifreddo

strawberry mango ice cream roll

chocolate chip chunk ice cream

italian ices

warm apple pie

sorbet pyramid

boston cream pie

frozen praline pie

fudge pie

one slice with the works

cinnamon apple blintzes

classic pareve cheesecake

apple crumble in caramel

lemon curd


fruit crisp

vanilla mousse tart

cream filled cannoli

peanut butter cookies

peanut butter and chocolate puffed rice bars

blond brownie caramel cups

chocolate chip pound cake

orange chiffon cake


cherry squares

chocolate cake

jam bars

mocha cake

heavenly cappuccino muffins

blueberry muffins

Wholesome Breakfast Muffins

no fail vanilla cupcakes

lemon biscotti

coffee cloud cake

pistachio cranberry biscotti

perfect chocolate cake

cinnamon kuchen cake

White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut CookiesWholesome Breakfast Muffins

apricot nectar cake

rebbetzen kellers apple strudel

omas kiddush table


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