The Book of Cookies

No Bake Cookies

Chocolate-Bran Bars

Nutty Bites

Exotic Treats

Meusli and Honey Cookies

Creme De Menthe Cookies

Light Bars

Date and Ginger Bars

Whiskey Macks

Calypso Bars


Dropped Cookies


Chocolate Crisps

American Hermits


Petit Lemon Cups

Italian Cookies

Bar Cookies

Eggnog Brownies

Apple Streusel Bars

Lemon Shorties

Nutty Orange Bars

Linzer Torte Fingers

Fruit Bars

Marbled ShortBread

Chocolate Raisin-Bars

Rolled and Shaped Cookies

Cherry Praline Bars

Shrewsbury Cookies


Sugar and Spice Cookies

Hazelnut Speculaas

Almond Flowers


Chocolate Pretzels

Gingerbread Men

Oznei Haman

Little Gems

Refrigerator Cookies

Harptree Cookies

Mocha Cookies

Jamaican Crunchies

Piped Cookies

Langues De Chat

Viennese Fingers

Shell Cookies

Viennese Whirls

Cigarettes Russes

Triple Orange Drops

Brandy Shapes

Cinnamon Fingers

Spritz Cookies

Flavored Spritz Cookies

Sandwich Cookies

Coconut-Caramel Sandwich

Orange Chocolate Rings

Vanilla Creams

Chocolate Dreams

Honey and Lemon Creams

Lime Creams

Passion Fruit Creams

Filigree Cookies

Viennese Creams

Meringue Cookies

Harlequin Bubbles

Chestnut Meringues

Pistachio Rings Walnut-Chocolate Cookies

Hazelnut Cookies

Cafe Sternen


Meringue Mushrooms

Minty Sticks

Japonais Sandwiches

Festive Cookies

Valentine Heart

Traditional Shortbread

Christmas Shortbread

Christmas Tree Cookies

Easter Cookies

Easter Bunnies

Advent Crescents

Lebkuchen Heart

Gingerbread House

Good For You Cookies

Spiced Oat Cookies

Muesli Cookies

Honey Doubles

Bran Cookies

Peanut and Raisin Bars

Raisin Cookies

Sesame Seed Crackers


Scottish Oatcakes

Cheese Straws

Anchovy and Red Pepper Twists

Canape Oatcakes

Blue-Cheese Nibbles

Sesame Sticks

Caraway Pretzels

Onion and Garlic Twists

Cheese and Herb Cookies

Curry Cookies



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