Aromas of Allepo

Maza-Small Delights

Khubz ‘Adi – Ordinary Syrian Flatbread

Khub Za’atar – Za’atar Flatbread

Khubz Semson – Sesame Flatbread

Ka’ak – Savory Anise-Seed Rings

Tehineh – Sesame Spread

Hummua – Chickpea-Sesame Spread

Baba Ghanooj – Eggplant-Sesame Puree

Salata Arabi – Basic Syrian Salad with Lemon-Cumin Dressing

Tabbouleh – Crunchy Tomato, Parsley and Bulgur Salad with Cumin

Salatit Banjan – Smoky Eggplant Salad with Garlic and Parsley

Salata Banadoura – Fresh Tomato Salad With Allspice-Lemon Dressing

Salatit Batata – Lemony Allspice – Cumin Potato Salad

Salatit Shawki – Raw Artichoke Salad

Shawki b’Zeit – Artichoke Hearts in Olive Oil and Lemon Marinade

Ouc – Tamarind Concentrate

Bazargan – Tangy Tamarind Bulgur Salad

Salat Shwandar Maslook – Tamarind Beet-Onion Salad

Ful Medammas – Warm fava Beans

Laham b’Ajeen – Miniature Tamarind Minced Meat Pies

Kibbeh Nabelsieh – Golden Ground Meat-Filled Bulgur Shells

Tadbileh – Spiced Ground Beef Filling

Bastel – Ground Meat-Filled Semolina Half Moons

Kuaisat – Pistachio-Filled Ground Meat Shells

Imwarah b’Lahmeh – Ground Meat-Filled Filla Triangles

Kibbeh Neye – Raw Beef-Bulgur Patties

Kibbeh Neye w’Khidrawat – Vegetarian Bulgur Patties

Yebra war Einab – Zest Cold Stuffed Grape Leaves

Mehalallat – Assorted Vegetables Pickles in Brine

Zeitoon – Assorted Syrian Olives

Khidrawat wa Shurba- Legumes, Vegetables and Soups

Fassoulieh – Great Northern Beans Stewed in Tomato Sauce

Fawleh – Braised String Beans with Allspice and Garlic

Lubieh b’Lahmeh – Black-eyed Peas with Veal

Ful B’Zeit – Fava Beans in Olive Oil

Ful b’Lahmeh – Fava Beans with Meat

Bamia b’Mishmosh – Okra with Prunes and Apricots in Tamarind Sauce

Bamia b’Franji – Okra in Tomato Sauce with Meat

Silleq b’Lahmeh – Swiss Chard Stewed With meat

Banjan Meqli – Fried Eggplant Slices

Lift Meqli – Fried Turnip Slices

‘Arnabeet Meqli – Fried Cauliflower Florets

Kibbeh Hamdah – Lemon-Mint Broth with Mixed Vegetables and Syrian Meatballs

Haloob- Artichokes in Tamarind Broth with Sauteed Meatballs

Kibbeh bi’Kizabrath- Cilantro-Tomato Soup With Syrian Meatballs

Yebra wa Shawki – Stuffed Grape Leaves with Artichokes and Garlic

Kolkeh – Bulgur and Lentil Soup

Shurba w’Kibbeh – Smooth Tomato-Rice Soup with Meatballs

Kibbeh Yahniyeh – Beef-Bulgur Dumplings

Kibbh Kabir – Aleppian Soup Meatballs

Shurbat Addes – Thick and Heart Red Lentil Soup With Garlic and Coriander

Addes b’Spanekh – Lentil and Spinach Soup

Rishta b’Addes – Noodles and Lentil Soup

Rai’yeb b’Labaniyeh – Chilled Yogurt and Cucumber Soup

Lebneh w’Spanekh – Spinach-Yogurt Soup

Riz, Hinta w’Rishta – Rice, Grains and Pasta

Riz Halabieh – Classic Aleppian Rice

Riz wa Sha’riyya – Rice With Vermicelli

Bizeh b’Jurah – Green Peas and Rice with Coriander and Meat

Riz b’Spanekh – Rice With Spinach

Riz w’Zafran – Saffron Rice

Riz wa Loz – Ring of Rice with Nuts

Riz w’ Ful Akhdar – Rice and Fave Beans with Garlic

Mujedrah – Rice with Brown Lentils and Frizzled Caramelized Onions

Riz W’Hummus – Rice With Chickpeas and Onions

Calsonnes w’Rishta – Buttery Noodles with Cheese Ravioli

Burghol w’Hummus – Bulgur with Chickpeas

Burghol b’Jibn – Bulgur with Cheese

Cascasoon – Acini de Pepe with Butter and Chickpeas

Laham- Meat

Hashu – Aleppian Ground Meat and Rice Filling

Meatless Hashu

S’fiha – Stuffed Baby Eggplants with Ground Meat and Rice

Mehshi Banjan wa S’farjal – Stuffed Eggplant with Quince

Mehshi Banadoura – Tomatoes Stuffed with Ground Meat and Rice

Mehshi Kusa – Zucchini or Yellow Squash Stuffed With Ground Meat and Rice

Mehshi Basal – Caramelized Onions Stuffed with Ground Meat and Rice

Mehshi Malfuf – Cabbage Stuffed with Ground Meat and Rice

Mehshi Batata – Potatoes Stuffed with Ground Meat and Rice

Yebra – Grape Leaves Stuffed With Ground Meat and Rice, with Apricot Tamarind Sauce

Medias Shawki – Artichoke Halves Stuffed with Ground Meat and Rice

Kibbeh – Stuffed Syrian Meatballs with ground Rice

Bizeh b’Kibbeh – Green Peas with Allspice and Meat

Fawleh b’Lahmeh – Tender Flanken with String Beans

Kibbeh b’Fettair – Mushrooms and Sauteed Meatballs

Keftes – Tamarind Stewed Meatballs

Kebab Garaz – Sweet Cherry-Stewed Meatballs

Kibbeh b’Garaz – Sweet Cherry-Stuffed Beef Slices

Rubuh – Succulent Roast Veal Stuffed with Spiced Ground Meat and Rice

Kibbeh bil Sanieh – Baked Bulgur-Ground Meat Pie

Lahmeh fil Makleh – Aleppian Beef Stew

Ma’udeh – Heart Beef Stew

Salajahn – Spicy Grilled Meat Kabobs

Salchicha – Spicy Sausage

Inferekeh – Ground Meat with Scrambled Eggs and Mushrooms

Zeroa – Roasted Lamb Shanks

Muhah – Brains in Olive Oil and Lemon

Lissan w’Zbeeb – Spiced Tongue with Raisin Sauce

Halablabat – Braised Sweetbreads in Tomato Sauce

Halablabat wa Fettair – Braised Sweetbreads with Mushrooms

Djaj wa Samak – Poultry and Fish

Djaja Mehshi – Stuffed Chicken

Djaj Mishwi- Friday Night Roast Chicken with Potatoes

Djaj w’Sfiha – Roast Chicken with Stuffed Baby Eggplant

Djaj Riz w’Hummus – Roast Chicken with Rice and Chickpeas

Djaj wa Rishta – Roast Chicken with Crispy Spaghetti

Riz w’Djaj – Rice with Chicken

Djaj w’Rishta b’Loz – Chicken, Rice and Pasta

Farrju Mashwi – Grilled Chicken

Shish Tawuq – Chicken, Pepper, and Tomato Kabobs

Beida bi’Lemouneh – Velvety Lemon Sauce

Chicken Stock

Samak Meqli – fried Fish

Samak bi’Tehineh – Fish with Sesame Spread

Samak Mehshi b’Snobar – While Stuffed Fish With Pine Nuts

Samak B’Batata – Baked Middle Eastern While Fish with Potatoes

Samak Meshwi – grilled Fish Kabobs

Jibneh wa Beid – Dairy and Eggs

Sambousak – Buttery Cheese-Filled Sesame Pastries

Imwarrah b’Jibn – Cheese-Filled Filla Triangles

Ejjeh b’Jibneh – Cheese Fritters

Ejjeh Bakdounez – Parsley and Onion Fritters

Ejjeh Batata – Potato Fritters

Ejjeh Kusa – Zucchini Fritters

Ejjeh b’Kerrateh – Leek Fritters

Krefsiyeh – Swiss Chard Fritters

Spanekh b’Jibn – Zucchini – Cheese Frittata

Kusa B’Jibn – Zucchini- Cheese Frittata

Shawki b’Jibn – Artichoke Frittata

Filla Spanekh b’Jibn – Spinach and Cheese with Filla

Beida Franji – Eggs Scrambles with Tomatoes

Beid Ru’and – Eggs Scrambled with Rhubarb

Beid Hamine – Slow-Cooked Eggs with Onion Peels

Mehshi b’Laban – Rice-Stuffed Zucchini with Butter Sauce

Lib Kusa – Sauteed Squash Pulp

Jibneh Shelal – Twisted White String Cheese with Nigella Seeds

Jibneh – Syrian White Cheese

Laban – Yogurt

Lebneh – Yogurt Spread

Hilweyat wa Mashareeb – Sweets and Beverages

Shira – Fragrant Aleppian Dessert Syrup

Zalabieh – Fried Pastry Balls with Sugar Syrup Glaze

Baklawa – Pistachio Filla Wedges in Rose Water Syrup

Kanafe – Ricotta-Filled Shredded Wheat Pastry

Basbusa – Sweet Coconut and Almond Dessert

‘Ataiyef – Stuffed Syrian Pancakes

Assabih b’Sutlaj – Custard-Filled Fingers in Filla

Assabih b’Loz – Nut Filled Filla Fingers

Ka’ak bi’ Loz – Almond Cookie Wreaths

Lox w’Arus – Initial Wedding Cookies

Ka’ak b’Sukar – Braided Sugar Cookies

Graybeh – Sweet Bracelet-Shaped Butter Cookies

Eras b’Ajweh – Date-Filled Crescents

Kra’bij – Marshmallow-Dipped Nut-Stuffed Pastry

Ma’amoul –  Nut Stuffed Pastry

Khu’shaf – Apricots, Almonds and Pistachios in Sweet Syrup

Al Mazieh – Pudding with Rose Water and Nuts

Heta’li’eh – Cold Pudding

Sutlaj – Milk Pudding with Rose Water and Orange Blossom Syrup

Mamounieh – Semolina Pudding with Butter

Sliha – Sweetened Whole Wheat Grains with Mixed Nuts

Riz ib Haleb – Aleppian Rice Pudding

Riz b’Asal – Honey-Rice Pudding

Helou Mishmash – Candied Apricots with Pistachios

Helou Banjan – Candied Eggplant with Cloves

Helou Hinid – Candied Coconut With Pistachios

Helou S’farjal – Candied Quince

Helou Griffon – Candied Grapefruit Peel

Helou Burtuqal – Candied Orange Peel

Helou Kusa Shai’riyya – Candied Spaghetti Squash

Helou Kerrateh – Candied Trumpet Gourd

Helou Etrog – Citron Preserves

Membrillo – Quince Paste

Raha -Turkish Delight

Masapan – Marzipan

Halweh – Sesame Sweetmeat

Simsemiyeh – Sesame Candy

Amar e’Deen – Apricot Fruit Paste

Helou Teen – Candied Figs

Ajweh Helou – Walnut-Stuffed Dates

Haroset Halebieh – Aleppian Date Preserves

Loz w Bizer – Roasted Nuts and Seeds


Shrab al Loz – Sweet Almond Milk

Sahlab – Floral Drink

Ayran – Yogurt Drink

Shrab al Temerhinidi – Tamarind Drink

‘Ahweh – Arabic Coffee

Chai – Tea

Chai a’Shab – Herbal Infusions

Chai’b’Nanan – Mint Tea

‘Ahweh Beida – White Coffee


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