Owl Cupcake

I admit it, I am a cake decorating fiend! There was a time when all I wanted to do was read about how fancy wedding cakes were made and decorated. I was glued to the Food Network. But who has the time or money for all the supplies needed to make those huge creations you see on Food Network Challenge? Hello Cupcake let’s me get that rush on a small scale with low tech supplies. These owls looked adorable and very simple, plus I all ready had some cupcakes on hand so I figured…why not?




Chocolate frosting

Oreos or other chocolate sandwich cookie

Fruit and Plenty Candy


M & M’s or chocolate lentils


The Process:

I got a nice evenly coated spread of frosting by following some tips from the book and microwaving it for a few second before spreading. then I proceeded with the most difficult step, twisting apart an Oreo so that most of the frosting remains on one side. It took me a few tries and 1 or 2 crumbled Oreos. After that it was smooth sailing.I used a little frosting to glue the lentil to the Oreos eyes. In fact the frosting is pretty much the “spackle” holding all the pieces tog ether in this recipe. Since I had made regular sized cupcakes they were large to accommodate the two Oreo eyes. This is not a design for mini cupcakes (unless you can twist apart mini Oreos without cracking them). Slap on two pecan ears and a yellow fruit and plenty nose and you are done.

Disclaimer: The book has you pipe on a little hair or whiskers by putting frosting in a small ziplock, snipping the ned and pipping. However when I got up to this point the owl was all ready looking so cute I did not want to add anything else.


The Result:

See for yourself. Looks like a wide-eyed owl to me, and really low tech. This is a winner to me.108 cookbooks